Saturday, June 20, 2009

can sheep be stall fed?

a commonly asked question is can sheep be stall fed like cattle?
yes there are methods to stall feed the sheep but it requires a first hand experience of sheep farming and sheep behaviour , lambs can easily be adjusted to stall feeding than aduult sheep a total confinement is the general term used to describe it

Total Confinement
Sheep can adapt to a complete confinement system of production. Confinement enables a producer to raise sheep or increase flock size in situations where land is a limiting factor due to availability or cost. Confinement can vary from dry (dirt) lots to buildings with expanded metal floors. Confinement requires intensive, year-round management. Because it tends to have a higher cost of production, higher levels of performance are usually required.

There are numerous advantages to raising sheep and/or lambs in total confinement. Predator problems can be eliminated by keeping sheep in confinement. Internal parasite problems are greatly reduced, and it is easier to control foot rot in confinement. Confinement lends itself well to automated feeding. It is common to fatten (feed) lambs in confinement. Less space is needed if slatted floors are used.

In fragile environments, confinement can prevent overgrazing or other environmental degregation caused by poor grazing management.

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