Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grazing the sheep

A sheep farmers primary concern is suitable and sustainable grazing grounds for the sheep, also its one of the most crucial factors that determines the flock strength, traditionally shepherds in India have followed the nomadic life style with the drier months spent in journey across vast distances tending their sheep, with a few hounds keeping an eye and doing rounds and the oxen/ donkey carrying the make shift tents that acts as a shelter in the night .

the shepherds stock the sheep in a particular location - grazing and tending them in the day and stocking them in the near by plantation crops /post harvest seasonal crop Fields , this is to ensure that the excellent manure of the sheep's fecal pellets is manured to the farm lands directly and as goodwill gesture the shepherd in turn is favoured for a day or two with his ration by the land lord . the sheep are moved after a few days to new location where the fodder is aplenty,the other alternative grazing grounds for sheep are scrub forests , waste lands , and community grazing grounds like the goshalas.

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